Snowstorms Instill Fundamental Skills

I love snow, especially when I learn of a pending storm that may produce totals in the 12-18″ range with temperatures in the mid 20’s. It’s the same routine . . . a quite smile comes over my face followed by a quick little giggle. I especially love when large snowfalls start on a Friday night and the first thing you wake up to Saturday morning iSnowstorms a beautiful fresh blanket of white snow with the fireplace going and a cup of ho cocoa.

Large snowfalls remind us of simpler times. We have time to stop and talk with our neighbors while outside shoveling snow. Everyone is not in a rush to meetings, sporting events, or running errands. Younger neighbors gain fundamental business skills as they carefully hustle older neighbors by shoveling driveways and walkways in order to make some extra money. Snowmen dot front yards and snow angels are scattered about. Nature is truly at one of its finest, purest moments. Nighttime snowfalls are especially peaceful as a calm hushes the hectic world in which we live. It’s amazing to catch a glimpse of snow when the light barely hits it and illuminates a field of diamonds as each snowflake twinkles about.

Snowstorms enable us to maintain essential skills that seem to be fading the in the fast-paced world we live in. Patience, team building, communication, and planning become paramount. The blizzard that halted the eastern part of the United States earlier this year is a perfect example. People helped complete strangers by providing them with food, drink or items to keep them warm. Some families took shifts shoveling the heavy, continuous snow. For all of the good deeds that come to the forefront in events such as this, it’s amazing to watch a few people become unglued. Frustration takes hold when a situation is out of their hands and they cannot control it – whether it is because their streets haven’t been plowed quickly enough or the delivery truck could not make it through the storm to deliver essential supplies to the supermarket. Instant gratification that has infiltrated our consumer-based world is suddenly usurped by Mother Nature.

In times such as this, curling up with a good book, knitting, crossword puzzles, family games, or other hobbies move to the forefront when life is halted for a day or two. It reinforces the fundamental skills needed throughout life.


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