Cyber Vulnerabilities

The following letter provides insight as to a business’ vulnerability for a cyber attack. Be proactive and take the necessary precautions to protect your business.Cyber_Security_Postage_Ad-Andy Pemberton

Dear Business Owner:

Thank you for making my job so easy. Despite all of the warnings and news about computer breaches, you still haven’t taken any steps to protect yourself. Today was another great day for me as I sat in the local Starbucks hacking into your employee’s company laptop while he sipped his latte and signed on to the free wi-fi. Little did he know, that even though I sat three tables away seeming busy with my own laptop, I was hacking into his computer, stealing passwords and downloading data from your company. I wonder if your competitors would be interested in paying for the information I captured. If not, I know I can sell it on the black market without a problem.

Speaking of company passwords, thanks for allowing your employees to have such easy-to-remember ones. Sometimes it’s laughable how many times an employee reuses the same password, or just one digit is changed.

So when was the last time you actually updated your computer browsers or downloaded the security patches? I thought it was hysterical when you received a system warning that there was an intruder and your staff ignored it. So much for anti-virus software! Oh, the best one was when I contacted your receptionist telling her I was a vendor and needed some help. All I really needed was some additional information to steal an identity and she believed me. The information she provided allowed me to complete my file and now I have everything I need. I told her how grateful I was for her assistance and excellent service.

I also want to applaud you for saving your company money by refusing to send employees to those boring technology security seminars we keep reading about. What a way to save your company money in the short term by not realizing that your decision will help me make more money in the long term. I  will continually be able to re-enter your system at will.

And you thought you didn’t have to pay attention to cyber security, that it was only the large businesses that had to be concerned. Little did you know that we target companies we consider vulnerable which are small and medium sized businesses. A business just like yours.


The Mad Hacker

P.S. Whatever you do, do not visit NIU’s Springboard ( where you will find ways to make my life harder. Make sure your phone blocks calls to (815) 753-6927 where they will put you in touch with strategies and experts to make your sites more secure.


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